It is a myth that maintaining a gorgeous lawn requires full-time attention. One needn’t break the bank or leave their day job to look after their garden. With some tips like the right soil for your lawn one can achieve a verdant green garden at any time. But if you are looking for tips to make it eco-friendly, you can get the Full List Here. Below are some tricks to keeping a lawn healthy
• People believe that grass should only be watered either early in the morning or early evening because evaporation is the lowest at these times. This is not correct. One should water a lawn in the middle of they day. Why? Because, just like any other living thing, when it is most host water can cool down the grass. The belief that this will cause burns in the grass is inaccurate. Run your irrigators all day and your grass will thank you for it.
• If you notice the lawn getting a dull grey-blue in colour, it is time to water it. The same applies if the leaves of the grass are folding onto themselves instead of standing straight.
• Just because it is hot, it doesn’t mean that the lawn has to be watered all day long. Over-watering is as problematic as no-water. Retention of water can cause diseases by fungus and mould.
• Another tip to ensure that the grass is green at all times of the year, season-wise care is needed. For example, spring is the apt month to aerate the soil. To do so, use one of the following:
o garden fork
o slip-on shoes with spikes
o a push roller
Puncture the ground with one of the tools so that it can breathe. Each puncture should be only 5mm in length. This will give water, air and fertiliser the freedom to reach the roots.
• When it is summers or spring, once in seven days enough when it comes to mowing the lawn. When you mow the grass, it grows in an outward direction and not just up. This gives the foliage an appearance of thickens and consistency. For winter months, mowing the garden two times is sufficient. The reason is that grass is dormant when temperatures are low. It appears brown, grows slowly and needs only aesthetic trimming.
• When it comes to fertilising the soil of the lawn, autumn is your best bet. Though people believe spring is the apt time because it promotes growth, adding fertiliser during autumn guarantees that the grass stays healthy during winters. It will still turn brown but will be viable.
• Weeds are a common problem for all lawns, gardens, and backyards. So, the last tip of the day is to pick a great weed and feed fertiliser that suits the variety of grass growing in your lawn. The wrong manure will eradicate the grass. The right time to spray the weed killer is spring when birds and wind are blowing the seeds hither and thither.

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